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A Poem by Manav Pahalwani

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
A Poem by Manav Pahalwani
Australia is racist,
Is what I was told,
But only when I went there
Did it unfold,
The people were harmless
But the government couldn’t careless
About a brown boy
away from his parents,
Trying to find a job
For assurance,
There’s a lot of sport
To keep your endurance,
You gotta face the fact
You are still a coloured individual
With limited sureness,
Some find their way
Some don’t
Some choose to stay
Some won’t
At the end of the day
It’s Australia mate
You better do what you are told,
Make sure you’re enrolled
And have things in control
Day by day you’ll find your Way,
Unfold is what some might say,
After all it’s the place I glowed
But stay cautious stay bold. - Manav Pahalwani
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