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Meet Ahtsham Ahmed Gondar

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Ahtsham Ahmed Gondar
Hey, my name is Ahtsham Ahmed Gondar, a first-generation Australian with a Pakistani background. I would like to begin by saying, I love Australia. Why? Well my parents were just a young couple when they arrived to Australia almost 10-15 years ago after facing lots of oppression in Pakistan. They were never allowed to do what they wanted to do, they were never able to make decisions for themselves, we weren’t even in the best position financially and trust me when I say, ‘status symbol’ is a big thing in Pakistan. However, Australia completely changed that for us, my parents started off as a lower-middle-class family, and due to the equal opportunities in Australia we were able to breach all the barriers and make it to where we are today, a financially stable family with the freedom of speech and choice. I genuinely believe that in this country, the amount of hard work put in is directly proportional to the rewards you get. The only issue I feel is present, which I am able to feel only because I keep visiting Pakistan quite often, is the issue regarding social divide which I hope we as Australians could overcome someday. My purpose in life is to help as many people as I can and hence have chosen to pursue the profession of being the best doctor I can possibly be.
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