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Meet Omar Obeid

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Omar Obeid

"What do you believe is the biggest challenge you face in Australia?"

Hey, my name is Omar Obeid and I believe my biggest challenge in Australia is that we as Australians don’t like it when other fellow Australians are more successful than us. There’s this entire middle-class culture, where if somehow you fall outside of that particular structure, there’s a lot of cultural stereotypes and issues such as racism, that tends to occur. The minority, that are the rich are the ones who eventually dominate over every demographic and for me to sit as an outliner and witness everything happening around me and not being able to take due action to create change in our society is one of the biggest challenges I face as an Australian. Another major issue I feel is subclassing what fields of work is acceptable, and it is a fact that white-collared jobs have a much higher level of job security. I myself am a writer and a musician and hence believe am an amateur artist however the lack of support and enthusiasm shown in the fields of art eventually delays cultural progression. - Omar

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