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Meet Shaheen

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Shaheen

"What is your story of getting to Australia?"

My name is Shaheen and my story of getting to Australia is actually quite an interesting one. Born in Dubai, my parents had decided that it was best if the initial years of my life was spent in India, to keep me culturally connected in some ways. Back then, my beautiful grandmother took care of me till I was about 4 years old until it was time I had to return back to my parents in Dubai. That’s not where it ends though, after a few years I was again forced to move, this time to England where my parents were supposed to be getting better employment opportunities and hence I spent a few years of my youth in the UK as well. Over the years, Australia had become the new hot spot for migrants as they provided even better job opportunities and job security which made us move again, this time to the beautiful country of Australia. I am currently a student at Macquarie University and I feel fortunate enough to be a part of the experience of being so culturally diverse and having the ability to understand human beings from different backgrounds and nationalities. - Shaheen

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