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Meet Shristi

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Shristi
Hello Australia, my name is Shristi Sainani and I remember the first day I started my Australian affair. Out of all the days possible, I was mid air on Valentines Day! Who knew that was just the beginning to such an incredible, rollercoaster ride.
My day one was accidentally bumping into a junkie, freezing, because I was far too terrified to move (my mouth and/or legs). Until a stranger yanked me and prompted me to move. Day two, was getting thoroughly lost in the middle of Sydney CBD with absolutely no charge on my phone. Day three, was settling in a new house, in a new city; slowly building on it, to make it home. From then on there were friends of some who are now family, countless birthdays, wild late nights, concerts and other (mis)adventures. Studying till 4 am to meet an architecture deadline and Sci-Tech library’s scrumptious books. There were trips to Canberra and Byron Bay, Tasmania and the quintessential Australian Bali-adventure. Not to mention, soaking the Sydney sun and Melbourne rains. The Australian landscape changed me, turned me inside out. It brought me endless opportunities, personal and professional, transforming me completely. It made me bolder, inducing an extra sense of freedom and confidence. I was found walking the streets, looking for the love of my life — art and architecture, finding inspiration every step of the way. From 14th Feb 2017 till date, its been nothing less than a treat! Can’t wait to see whats in store next.
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