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Meet Teese

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Teese
My name’s Teese, I grew up in Newtown and came here to Australia when I was 12 years old with no family at all. I made my own life here in Newtown, that to be honest, is still under development. There are lots of lost souls especially around this particular church and I try to help them and give them a bit of a tucker. I’m on the same platform as most of these people in Newtown, I’m on the verge of being homeless, which sometimes is a good thing because finally now, we have people who we can’t judge and vice versa. I strongly believe in the black lives matter movement, however while saying this I want to tell people that every life matters and I do my best to spread the word of god to every human I can. There are kids I know who have no toys, no teddy bears, none of that mainstream bulls**t, and all they really want is a cuddle, a cuddle that makes them feel safe, which is where I feel I come in. My job in this world is to provide to these kids and spread the word of God. Understand one thing, the homeless don’t follow the system, we follow God.
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