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Meet Wan

By: :Kshitij Sainani 0 comments
Meet Wan
I’m Wan, came to study in Australia 2 years ago under Australia Awards Scholarship. Since then, my life has changed tremendously by fulfilling all the opportunities I have ever dreamt of. I feel so blessed to study at UNSW -a top Australian university with world-class education facilities. There’s magic in the people of Australia. Everyone behaves humbly and embraces each other with kindness that creates a sense of close connection, safety, equality, and trust regardless of ethnicity, age, and race. Even being culturally different and diverse, it is literally easy to have a conversation with anyone and develop a bonding in a minute. It genuinely feels to be an integral part of a big family from people all over the world, which sets Australia apart. Along with cultural diversity, Australian natural beauty with diverse landscapes fascinates my soul. After traveling all over Australia so far except only two states and one territory, I honestly can say that It’s a home for travel enthusiasts and adventure lovers. And, I found the place where every single thing I see tells me to stay.
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